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- 0 V to16 V, 50 mA Max PWM Gate Drive Output
- Dual Speed Command Input Capability
- Effective Motor Voltage Adjustment
- 100% Duty Cycle Capability
- Low Current (<200 µA) Sleep State
- Built-in Soft Start
- Over/Under Voltage Protection
- Over Current Protection of External FET/IGBT

The TPIC2101 is a monolithic integrated control circuit designed for direct current (dc) brush motor control that generates a user-adjustable, fixed-frequency, variable duty cycle, pulse width modulated (PWM) signal primarily to control rotor speed of a permanent magnet dc motor. The TPIC2101 can also be used to control power to other loads such as solenoids and incandescent bulbs. This device drives the gate of an external, low side NMOS power transistor to provide PWM controlled power to a motor or other loads. Inductive current from motor or solenoid loads during PWM off-time is recirculated through an external diode.
The TPIC2101 accepts a 0% to 100% PWM signal (auto mode) or a 0 V to 2.2 V differential voltage (manual mode), and internally engages the correct operating mode to accept the input type. The device operates in a sleep state, a run state, or a fault state. In the sleep state the gate-drive (GD) terminal is held low and the overall current draw is less than 200 µA. The normal operating mode of the device is in the run state and is initiated by any speed command. When the device detects an overvoltage or current fault, it enters the fault state.
The TPIC2101 is offered in a 14-terminal plastic DIP (N) package, and a SOIC (D) package, and is characterized for operation over the operating free-air temperature range of –40°C to 105°C.