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 Compatible with HDMI 1.3a                                               
• 3.3-V Supply Operation
• Supports 2.25 Gbps Signaling Rate for 480i/p,             
• 80-Pin TQFP Package 720i/p, and 1080i/p Resolutions up to 12-Bit
• ROHS Compatible and 260°C Reflow Rated Color Depth
• Each Port Supports HDMI or DVI Inputs
• Isolated Digital Display Control (DDC) Bus for              
• Switching From Three Digital-Video (DVI) or
Unused Ports Digital-Audio Visual (HDMI) Sources
• 5-V Tolerance to all DDC and HPD_SINK                       
• Digital TV Inputs                                                                                        
• Digital Projector
• Audio Video Receiver
• Integrated Receiver Termination
• Inter-Pair Output Skew < 100 ps
• Intra-Pair Skew < 50 ps
• 8-dB Receiver Equalization to Compensate for 5-m DVI Cable Losses
• High Impedance Outputs When Disabled
• TMDS Inputs HBM ESD Protection